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Pimped Cable Chain

3D model description

Modified version of "Yet Another Cable Chain" by tosjduenfs.

I made the bridges a lot easier to be printed (since my printer had problems printing them). I also made snapping the hinges a bit easier (flattened the raise on one side a bit). On the bottom, I shortened the ends a bit to allow for a little "counter-bending".

It's also a bit longer: about 17mm per piece.

Several end pieces are coming soon. (If I don't forget it ;))

3D printing settings

I experienced best results for ABS using .2 mm layer height, 1.8 w/h and with almost no or even no infill but 2 extra shells instead of one, so most of the piece is printed in loops (in skeinforge words). This adds a bit flexibility to make snapping pieces together easier and they will be printed a bit faster than with infill.

The diagonal part below the bridge is to support printing the bridge and can be filed off if you want (I kept them). Should be easier to print on printers having problems with long bridges.

  • 3D model format: STL





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