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Parametric T-Slot Antenna

3D model description

This is a generator for clips to build directional antennas with aluminum extrusion (T-Slot)

It generates one dipole clip and N rod (director/reflector) clips in a set, ensuring the rods are in the same plane with the dipole, iow the same distance from the aluminum extrusion

It uses a single screw (typically M3 for 15mm extrusion) to both tighten the rod and attach to the T-slot.

It prints as is, no supports required.

The included STL example is for 1515 (MakerBeam XL) and 3/16" rods, and uses M3 10mm screws, but you can "Open in Customizer" and adjust as needed.

  • 3D model format: SCAD and STL



I enjoy designing minimalist-functional 3D objects.



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