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NEMA17 to 12mm ballscrew flexible coupling

3D model description

This is a flexible coupler for a delta printer I'm making. The flexible part is cast elastomer material using a 3d-printed mold.

The 12mm ballscrew side needs a M3x10mm bolt and a nut. The motor-side needs a M4x12mm bolt plus nut. Size selection was due to space and what I have on hand.

I cast the spacer in Smooth-On Dragon Skin 10 Fast however the end item is on the soft-end. I would suggest a Shore A 30 hardness to make the coupler a little more rigid.

Interference is expected, this is meant to be pre-loaded. This will put a bit of vertical load on the motor as well due to design. I'm using that to minimize movement elsewhere in the system.

  • 3D model format: STL





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