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MXL 4000 Shock Mount (Custom)

3D model description

Created a new design for the MXL 4000 Microphone. I broke the shock mount that came with the microphone, and I think a replacement is too expensive - so I created one that's probably better. All you need is a 5/8 Nut for the standard microphone stand (North America) and some shock mount elastics. Maybe regular elastic bands will work too.

The mount clamps on to the microphone, which I think is much better than the standard screw at the bottom. This makes it easy to take off and on if you want to transport the microphone and not the whole shock mount. All you have to do is print extra exteriors!

The issue with this microphone is that it is very heavy. Which is good for quality and reliability, but terrible for any microphone stand that doesn't have a counter weight.

There are two options for mounting:
1 - print the base with the rotation clip, which you just need to add a bolt. The rotation clip has a second part that attaches to a microphone stand with a standard 5/8 bolt.
2 - print the base without the rotation clip, and also print one of the support rods with the 5/8 bolt attachment.

With the BoomExteriorTop/Bottom there is another options if you have a smaller print bed. I've added copies that have been split in half, with bolt links added.

Look at the pictures for example.

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  • 3D model format: STL


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