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Mostly 3D printed CNC 3018 DIY

3D model description

Hello friends

Here we altered the 3018 DIY cnc with mostly 3d printed CNC

The design is completed.

Alluminum Extrusion required

all are 2020 slot
220 mm 2 nos
350 mm 6 Nos

8mm ROD
400 mm 2 Nos
360 mm 2 Nos
110 mm 2 nos

LM8UU 10 Nos

ACME rod
400 Mm 1nos
350 mm 1 Nos
100 mm 1 no

NEMA 17 3 Nos stepper motor

623zz Bearing 3 nos

Corner bracket for fixing alluminum extrusions

Arduino Uno, CNC Shield Power supply

Micellanious like bolt t-nut etc

I will update soon the build videos

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  • 3D model format: STL



i am hobbyist and an electrician. love to RC robotics

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