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mk8 drive block with adjustable spring pressure with bowden

3D model description

this is a bowden version with a cover to increase stability and structure on the lever. I have also added a screw system to increase the pressure on the spring and improve the mechanism.
-this is suitable for many spring types and also weaker ones.
there are different parts version with holes in order to use springs with different diameters, the last two digits indicate the outer-inner diameter of the spring you want to use.

-on the other side of the bearing there is a M3 nut fitting for better strenght.

-THE SMILE!-if u dont like the smile on the cover there is also a normal one :).

-the upper filament hole is larger to insert a little ptfe tube 4x2. if u need I can upload a standard 2mm hole version.

block08 spring outer diameter 8mm
block09 spring outer diameter 9mm
block10 spring outer diameter 10mm

closeblock09 spring inner diameter 9mm
closeblock08 spring inner diameter 8mm
closeblock07 spring inner diameter 7mm
closeblock06 spring inner diameter 6mm
made this for my geetech g2s
soon I will upload a version for replicators models.
if I have wrote something wrong, english is not my first language, so let me know :)

  • 3D model format: STL





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