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MeanWell SE-200-24 Power Supply Case Vslot DBot

3D model description

I needed a vSlot mount for my MeanWell SE-200-24 PSU (50x115mm) and couldn't find one that fit exactly, I also wanted one that covered the terminals, and had room for a switch plug, so I found a design I liked and redid it first in Tinkercad and then in Fusion 360 to match my PSU size. There are two sets of mount holes for securing the PSU incase you want more clearance inside.

I've included the Fusion source files and a version in STEP format so you can modify it yourself to fit your particular PSU.

Tinkercad version:

The case has cutouts for an IEC fuse/switch/outlet, and a USB power port plug used in boats and RVs that has a Voltmeter display.

2x M5 10mm bolts and washers for the V slot tabs to mount it.
6x M4 10mm bolts and washers to secure the PSU
2x M3 10mm bolts to secure the IEC box

IEC Outlet:
USB Power Plugs:
MeanWell SE-200-34:

  • 3D model format: STL



I'm a perfectionist who likes making custom things, and building a reprap printer scratches those itches perfectly. There's nothing more satisfying than designing a part to fix a specific problem and pulling off the perfect print to do it.



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