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Low Poly Frog Mount (RigidBot E3D v6)

3D model description

Experimental RigidBot E3D v6 mount, requires the following parts to assemble:

2 M3x25 socket cap screws for NEMA 17 mount

9 M3x16 socket cap screws to attach the baseplate and 30mm fan

4 M3x10 socket cap screws for top clamp

3 M3x8 socket cap screws for the cooling duct and belt

1 50mmx15mm blower fan

1 Heat shield

1 E3D v6 Hotend

1 RigidBot 3D Printer

Warning: This mount should have an additional heat shield on the bottom to prevent the heater block from melting the plastic above it.

Warning: This design decreases the RigidBot's build height by about 2cm. Make sure to update your firmware Z height to prevent the gantry from crashing into the top of the frame.

There are two different duct designs, you won't need to print both unless you plan to switch between the two.

If you're looking for a RigidBot E3D v6 mount, there are a bunch of options, take a look here:

edit: I added an updated (v2.11) version of this mount, but it has not been tested so I don't know if it works. The new version is wider, adds an additional E3D fan mounting location and has looser tolerances where it clamps to the E3D.

3D printing settings is a good source for M3 hardware if you're in the US and can't find anything locally.

The largest piece in the middle may crack or warp if printed in ABS.

  • 3D model format: STL





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