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LM2596 and LM2596S Buck converter tool-less snap-fit enclosure - Ender, CR-10, 2020

3D model description

A tool-less, snap-fit enclosure for your LM2596 buck/step-down converter that should snap-onto any 2020 extrusion without extra hardware. This enclosure also allows you to keep your wires separate via the outside channels or together in one via the center channel.

A base without the clips is included as well if you would rather use double sided tape or need to attach it in a different way.

Enjoy and post your makes!

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Update 5: I have added v2 of both bases. This fixes the accidental gap in between layers causing weakness of the mount that holds the board. Should be all good now.

Update 4: I have printed 3 sets of these with the updated tabs. With my recommended settings below, they are much stronger. I have uploaded new photos.

Update 3: After printing 4 copies of these, they REQUIRE a high infill %. I suggest at least 80%, slow it down to 40mm/s, and do a .1 or .15 layer height. Otherwise, the tabs are hollow and snap off with ease.

Update 2: Please use "Lid-v2.stl" as I have updated the tabs to be stronger. I would also suggust printing at .1 or .15 layer height for added strength.

Update 1: The tabs on the lid are a bit too small. They are fragile. I will upload a v2 shortly with better, stronger tabs.

Thanks to @enkoopa for the snap on lid idea and @Andys1957 for the converter mounting idea!

  • 3D model format: STL



Just having fun with my Ender 3 and sharing my ideas along the way.

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