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Knurled Surface Library v2

3D model description

A new version of the knurled finishing library with some added refinements, information, new modules and features.

(Everything detailed in the Instructions section)

Did my best to keep this backwards compatible with the previous knurl library.

Unfortunatelly, this thing keeps on finding it hard to render (as from example 06 you'll need to compile to see the output).

Hope you enjoy it.

3D printing settings

Refinements: Changed the way the final shape of the knurled cylinder is made.

Information: Console ECHO for the knurled cylinder final diameters (top and bottom of the knurl)

More Info: Added the module "knurl_help()" that echoes available modules and parameters.

New module: "knurl()" parameters supported but not required, will generate a knurled cylinder with some "default" parameters.

Updated "Ends Smoothing" functionality: In the previous version this was "carving a bevel" to the knurled cylinder, now it can also "emboss that bevel". This can be of some use when substracting the cylinder from another cylinder.

Set "e_smooth" parameter to a positive value to carve, set it to a negative value to emboss, set it to zero for no bevel at all. The value is for the height of the bevel.

Browse the examples in the OpenSCAD and play a little bit with them!

Please do check the PDF available in thing:9095 if you need more information.

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL



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