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Ikea Platsa Filament Guide (134mm)

3D model description

EDIT : After a few months of use, it's working super good ! Be sure to drill as aligned as possible with the extruder, so your cable won't bend and it will reduce "plastic sliding" noise.
I glued the outer part just a little bit to make it stick well. Never had a single issue with that part !

I switched from Lack enclosure to Platsa enclosure that I find more beautiful and more convenient.

I used the Lack Filament Guide of 120mm but I drilled a hole a little bit too large, and the height of the wood part is thiner on the Platsa than on the Lack.

To have a nice finish, I printed this object two times : on the bottom and one for the top. As the height of the wood part is approx 21mm, I made the inner part of each to be 10mm.

The large raft around the inner part is made to hide the broken paint when I drilled.

To calculate where to drill, I put the printer in the right position, and went up as straight as possible (to avoid filament bending). The large hole (134mm) lets the filament go through the Y axis easily. If you print with PETG you might even have less friction.

  • 3D model format: STL





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