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Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

3D model description

What is hollow shaft stepper motor?
Hollow shaft stepper motor is stepper motor with hollow shaft or bore on the shaft, the hollow shaft can be divided into 3 types according to RobotDigg (

Coarse bore hollow shaft stepper motor
A hollow shaft stepper motor with coarse or relatively rough machined bore is used for Air, Beam or Cables to be through.
Typical applications
SMC Motor for Pick and Place Machine, OpenPnP
Robotics, Dynamic Robotic or Mobile Scanner
Screw hollow shaft stepper motor
Hollow shaft stepper motor with screw for lead screw, known as Non-captive Linear Stepper. When comes to choose, you'd better have a look on the pitch and lead.
Precise bore hollow shaft stepper motor
Precise bore compared with coarse bore, it's the precision of the hollow shaft (no screw inside). Precise bore hollow shaft stepper motor is used the most for Bespoke Ball Screws. You are Not decided how long and which ball screw to be used while designing but you want to have a linear stepper to do the job. Then you only have to do the custom ball screw to fix the hollow shaft at your side or local.
Compared with stepper motor, coupling and ball screw combination, the precise bore hollow shaft stepper motor for bespoke ball screw is more reliable, neat, space saving and precise for automation applications because you can take the hollow shaft as a longer coupling which can ensure the concentricity.

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