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Guide and filament cleaner for Infitary M-508

3D model description

After testing the new bracket for the filament reel (which I will share later on) a new problem arose, the bearings I incorporated made the reel roll too much each time the extruder pulled the filament causing an excess of stretch and I also noticed that it oscillated a lot from the reel to the extruder.

With this piece, three things are solved: it acts as a guide so that the filament does not dance, it brakes thanks to the sponge and cleans the filament as it goes down.

I have created two variants for its fastening, one that is glued and the other with a screw (the printer panel has to be drilled), in both of them we have to incorporate a sponge, make a path for the filament and glue it.

I recommend to respect the printing parameters so that it gives a good finish.

3D printing settings

Dimensions: 83,6x16,3x20,3 (mm)

Time and printing parameters: 5h and 6m vel.30 filling 100%.

File Type: STL

  • 3D model format: STL





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