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GR1FF RACE - 2.5" Frame for 070x 080X 110x Motors

3D model description

  • My custom light and super durable frame for power whoop transplants and up to 2.5" !

  • Designed for :

  • CrazyBee AIO FC (35*35mm pattern - M2 screws)

  • Camera mount fits most of AIO cameras... 10mm lens diameter

  • Motor mounts for 070x motors, 080x with 3 hole pattern should also fit (I am using HappyModel 0703 KV19000)

  • 110x version for standard 110x 4-hole pattern motors

  • Fits up to 65mm props - KingKong 65mm bi-blades

  • Motor post to motor post : 104mm

  • Printed out of PLA with 0.2mm layer and 100% - it's very durable and pretty light !

  • Frame weight (PLA 100% infill)

  • Bottom part - 7.10g

  • Camera Mount - 1.65g

  • Camera holder - 0.80g

My build (Snapper 7 transplant) weights g without battery, g with old 600mah 1S lipo

  • 3D model format: STL



Kossel Plus



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