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General-purpose NEMA 14 stepper motor casing

3D model description

This is a general-purpose casing for NEMA14-size stepper motors.

I tried to make the casing relatively insensitive to heat by avoiding unnecessary surface contact of the casing and the stepper. The purpose of this design approach is to enable one using PLA only for printing without having noteworthy deformations during operation due to the high heat generated by the stepper.

To create a complete casing you need to print 2 covers, 1 belt, and 4 corners.

Additionally, I added a simple octahedral shaft cap to this thing. Intentionally, caps inside diameter is wider than 5 mm. When using PLA, for heat insulation, the shaft has to be surrounded with a piece of shrinking tube before applying the cap.

All attachments are done with 2.5 mm screws at various lengths.

  • 3D model format: STL





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