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Geared Maker Coin - Multi-Material

3D model description

Immediately when I saw this maker coin for the Prusa Community's December print contest I knew I wanted to print this with my MMU2.0. Boba Maker was kind enough to share the files so I could do just that!

This should be a very easy print as long as your multi-material printer is tuned! My shortest print-time was around 6.5 hours for two colors and 13 hours for all five colors.

File Notes:
Just to explain the way I have the files setup;
-Each zip file has folders for 0.2mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm tolerances for that center body design.
-Each zip file includes the high-infill mesh modifier.
-Each zip file includes a .3mf file for the 0.35mm tolerance (with my MMU2.0 & filament settings)
-The plane zip file has .3mf files for each tolerance.
-My recommendation is to use the plane .3mf files as a template and to swap out the center body you want to print with. This should make it easier to swap out the different designs without having to re-setup all of your settings.
-I've included the high-infill mesh modifier.stl outside the zip files because Thingiverse wants at least one stl.

Have fun & happy printing!

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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