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Fan Duct for Replicator 2/2X Enclosure

3D model description

If you are at all concerned about exposure to 3D printing fumes. These adapters can be used to connect 100mm clothes dryer ducting between your 3D printer and an outside window, with a switch block providing power to a small fan used to extract fumes.

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3D printing settings

I used a 24v 40x40x10 mm brushless ball bearing fan on the enclosure end, which seems to provide sufficient airflow without effecting ABS prints. If you want something more powerful, a 40x40x20mm would also work. I cut a 45mm hole into the top of my enclosure, and mounted the fan on one side, and the duct adapter on the other using 4M x 16mm button head cap screws.

On the window end I have a thick strip of scored and folded cardboard, which slots into a sliding window frame. This provides a reasonably air tight seal. The window side duct adapter sits inside the cardboard fold, which is taped together. The ducting is just pushed into the adapter - the steel loops jam it in place.

The switch block has a 4 pin terminal with 1 pin removed, that I trimmed to match the fan connector. There is a STDP switch on one side and a 3mm jack on the other. Power s provided by a 24v power adapter.

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