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Ender & CR-10 X Axis Cover and Nema 17 Stepper Damper Spacer

3D model description

The Problem:
I wanted to reduce the noise coming from my steppers during prints at night but wanted to try to print in TPE instead of buying the dampers. The hardware required for the x-axis spacer is hard to find and needs to be 3mm longer than stock to work with the stock x-axis cover and end-stop mount.

The Solution:
This x-axis cover pushes the hardware deeper into the unit giving you space for the included flexible spacer that acts as a vibration damper between the metal mount and your stepper motor.

• Remove the 4 bolts holding on your existing x-axis cover to your stepper motor.
• Remove the 2 screws holding in the end-stop into the cover.
• Use the 2 screws to mount the end-stop into your new cover. (Be sure to go slow as you will be threading the screws into plastic and creating threads)
• Undo the 2 grub screws on the cog of the stepper motor and slide the cog on its shaft 3mm away from the stepper. Tighten the 2 grub screws.
• Place the flexible spacer between the stepper motor and the metal mounting bracket.
• Use the 4 stock mounting bolts to mount the new x-axis cover to the stepper motor.

Enjoy and post your makes!

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Posted v3 of the X-Axis Cover with an added opening for the end-stop wiring.

  • 3D model format: STL



Just having fun with my Ender 3 and sharing my ideas along the way.

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