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Enclosure SMD-based geiger counter with SBT11 / SBT11A tubes by impexeris

3D model description

(if you have downloaded files earlier than evening of September 21, please re-download. I have made a few corrections)

This is a revised enclosure for the new - SMD based hardware version of the DiY geiger counter ( ) by my colleague - eBay vendor impexeris ( .

This enclosure is for use with SBT-11 or 11A ( СБТ-11 or 11A ) Geiger-Müller α,β,γ tubes.

At 0.25mm layer height tube fits nice and tight enough.

I use two 11mm long (with head), , ∅2mm screws for enclosure case and two to 20mm long (with head) ∅3mm bolts for the tube extension.

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  • 3D model format: STL





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