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E3D mount for Anet A8 for existing aluminum x carriage

3D model description


First i am Thanks to all. My anet a8 pinter now back to business.

The direct drive system on anet a8 has broken 2 months back it stops working from there. I tried a lot to fix it But could not.

Hence i decided to change to E3D hotend which is less issued has compared to direct drive in anet. I suffered lot to change the filament.

I very much impressed from Ender 3. Which has remote drive i.e bowden setup there no issues related to change filament.

Hence i brought E3D hotend to replace it on anet. But the x carriage is not made for E3D hence. I search over thingiverse. There are many types where the entire x-carriage is to be printed. Hence i designed the hot end holder for the existing X -carriage in Anet which is aluminum. I cut the extra projected potion to fix the hot end mount on the screws which fixed to linear bearing housings.

It fits very perfect and works well to.

I used 3mm screws and inserts to fix the hot end.

Now the extruder where to fix it?

I already said i very much impressed from ender 3. Hence i searching place for place the extruder again every parts are from anet only not additional components.

When i brought the anet i printed x axis chain which is now not required since the hotend mount is changed. So i fixed the x axis chain holder as seen in photos. which reduces the PTFE tube length.

After installation the print is shifted printer left side by 18mm. because the earlier nozzle position is 18 mm right side. Now the nozzle exactly center to the x carriage.

To solve this issue use latest marlin firmware and change the #define X_MIN_POS to -14

Which solves the issue for me.

Next is blower / cooler fan installation. Since i already printed the hotend holder only one way to fix the blower is to print new part to fix the blower fan.

So i designed and fixed using single M3 bolt and Nut and it is fixed right side of the x carriage which helps to clear view of hotend.

For any suggesion / question please comment below

  • 3D model format: STL



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