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Customizable Filament Swatch (Filament test) Fusion 360 File Version

3D model description

This is exactly like the original Customizable Filament Swatch (Filament test)

Update 4-8-2020:
Since learning more in Fusion and how Text works
I have now made the text bahave better when you go to edit it.
It is now automatically right justified no matter how long the text is

But the file is created in Fusion 360. It is not an STL File converted to solid, I remodeled it from scratch so that you can go and make changes in Fusion.

Just look for the sketch with the text you want to change.

The sample STL file uploaded was just to make Thingiverse happy.
(Required to upload)

Now one might ask why recreate it if the original works well, On my pc OpenSCAD tends to be very slow to render the files but in Fusion it takes me far less time. That and I like working in Fusion a lot more. You do lose the option of the customize but for that use the original.

  • 3D file format: F3D and STL



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Would you mind downloading and unzipping the file again. I just tried downloading the one from cults, unzipped and double clicked the file and it opened without issue.