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Creatr Side-car Spool Holder with Filament Guide

3D model description

Puts the spool on the side of the printer out of the way.
Includes a movable bracket for the filament feed tube.
Shorter feed tube reduces friction on the filament that can cause slipping in the extruder.
Outside hanger bracket provides extra support for the spool and swings out of the way when changing filament.
More freedom for the print head by removing the internal filament feed tubes.
Mounts (hangs on top plate) on either side of the printer and the feed tube bracket can be positioned to the front or back.
Reqires a short length of 6mm (1/4") OD tubing
I’m assuming the dimensions of the top plate on the printer are the same on all of them (45 mm wide). Please check before printing.

3D printing settings

This is easiest to print with PLA.

  • 3D model format: STL





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