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CReality (E2/3/4, CR10) dual 5015 part cooling fanduct with BLTouch mount

3D model description

A compact hotend/fan mount with BLTouch support for your strong part cooling needs.

It's designed for the Ender 3, fits Ender 2 and it should fit CR10 and maybe other CReality printers.

The main part holds two 50x15 radial fans, the BLTouch probe ("BLTouch-smart V2.0") , the original creality hotend and a cold end fan. Use a 24V cold end fan and connect the two part cooling fans in series for the Ender 3, use a 12V cold end fan and connect the two part cooling fans in parallel for the Ender 2.

The two fan ducts stick directly into the fan housings. They usually sit tight enough and have not come loose so far during around 100 hours of printing.

I marked this "work in progress" because the BLTouch mount is a new addition to this design which is yet untested (Height is correct but I'm not 100% sure yet if the higher angle that the cold end fan has to be at could become an issue.. will update the description)

  • 3D model format: STL





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