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creality CR-10 ender 2 3 40mm Stock Hot End easy fit cooling duct

3D model description

i have really enjoied the other most used cooling duct on here, but I ended up to change often screws and parts, so I made this for better and easy use, it just slides in and stays on place, also u can reach the push fitting to add and move clips for the tube, created also an easy clip that helps the whole thing to stay more firm,but any clip will nicely work :)
-duct for 40mm fan, any
-changed angle to get air from the upside
-easy slide mount
-2nuts for the upper part for easy fan mounting
-easy heatsink dust cleaning

Parts needed:
4# m3x12mm screws
2# m3 nuts

suggested settings:
2 perimeters
no supports (if u ahve a good cooling and i think the stock one works perfect u cna print without any support)
the files are placed in the right position

petg or abs, shoudl work also with pla but maybe will loose grip for the temps after few hours

I've been using this mount in the last week and it works perfectly

  • 3D model format: STL





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