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CR10(S) Stock Screen Holder for 20x20 or 20x 40 aluminium extrusion

3D model description

## #This is my very compact and elegant Stock CR10(S) Screen holder.

It fits nicely on the 20x40 aluminium extrusion. Designed for the left side bu you can mirror this design with your slicer if you like. Included a knob but the stock one is nicer...

Mounted on a ball you can position the screen as you like.

The 4 spacers that holds the screen in place are printed separately for ease of printability. Print 2 of both. No supports needed.

##This design is part of my compleet CR10 Rebuild where I got rid of the clumsy control box and messy wiring and give it the PRO looks and feel. Take a peek here:

Want this for a RepRap 12864 Sceen: Look here:

  • 3D model format: STL



Hi there,

I love tinkering my designs together in Fusion 360. Mostly inspired by things witch have some use. I'm always open for new ideas. If it's within my skills to make it, I'm happy to have a go with it.

Have fun making!



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