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CR-10S4 3-LED Injection Molded Light Module Holder for 2020 Extrusion

3D model description

Remixed this for my Creality CR-10 S4.
Kudos to the original poster, Toolhashi :

I wanted less of an angle when mounted on the top bar, as well as a shorter space between the 2020 clip and the LED holder sections - the holder is now inline and not angled.

I further resized the snap-holder portion slightly to accommodate some 12v injection molded 3x 5730 light modules. The modules measure 78mm (L) x 13mm (W) x 5mm (H).
A picture of the module type is included, FYI.
The SKP file is also included if you need to change anything.

I noticed that the the part(s) had to be lowered by about 0.4mm on the bed to print properly...

You should be able to print this part as long or short as you need by adjusting the Z-height settings. I set mine to 78mm being the length of the LED module.

The modules just slide in from the ends (bit too tight to snap in) - they're quite tight and will not move around and not require any tape adhesive. It's easier to fit them to the frame by standing in front of the printer and applying force with your hands/fingers to clip them into the back of the top bar - they sit solidly...

I've included 2x STL's - a single short part and a 3-up part already scaled for the LED modules I had (78mm length).
I printed 3 of them together - the 3x 3-LED modules including the connecting wiring measure 345mm and fit nice and evenly on the top back bar - this gives good light on the print area.

The length is also short enough to fit on the back of the extruder bar, if you want your light closer to the build plate. The wiring would need to be routed carefully to avoid any snags on the different axis movements.

I also remixed and printed a light switch housing to go with this:

  • 3D model format: OBJ and STL





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