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Compact housing for PID controller and Solid State Relay

3D model description

Wanted a compact SESTOS D1S-VR-220 PID controller and Ink Bird SR-25 DA Solid State Relay Module enclosure, with a switch, fusebox and possibility to monitor SSR On-light.
So here it is.

  • Fuse holder dimensions are: body_length 35mm; front_diameter 14,9mm; front length 5,7mm; thread diameter 12,40mm. -Switch dimensions are: 11mm / 30mm. -Also used four M3x6 countersunk screws for fixing back to front. They screw int directly into the plastic (no need for nuts);
  • one M3x6 countersunk screw and one M3 nut for tightening the PID controller in place (from the side); -one M3x10 countersunk screw and one M3 nut for tightening the SSR inside the housing.

The following order of assembly worked for me:
- attach all the wires to SSR (use thin ones for control clamps)
- move the SSR in (see that SSR LED is right below its opening on top) and secure it with the screw and nut (tighten the screw through the hole on the top)
- solder wire to the side contact of the fuse housing and install the fuse from the front. Use
long tweezers to screw on the nut;
- install the switch into the back part (might need a touch with a flat file to fit it in) depending on your print tolerance and pass in all the wires through the holes in the back part. The oval hole I used for the mains power, the round for the heater and the key-like hole for the thermo-pair (mine was already with contacts pressed on hence the shape of the hole to get in one contact after other);
- put a nut from inside of the side wall and screw in the M3x6 screw slightly from outside so the nut just doesn't fall out. Press in the PID controller from the front (the front opening might need a touch with a flat file to fit it in);
- solder the wire to the end contact of the fuse holder.
- connect wires to the PID controller and the solder the other ends to the switch.
Place the back part into the front part and secure it with remaining four M3x6 screws.

Case you liked / found the design useful you might decide to send me a tip - so I can raise a pint of beer to your health and blessing :)

  • 3D model format: STL





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