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CNC 1610 ChipSHOUTER Holder / Mount

3D model description

Apparently Thingiverse Markdown rendering is broken right now, sorry for the awful layout

Here is a mount for the ChipSHOUTER, a electro-magnetic fault-injection tool, to fit a classical CNC laser module mount.

If your CNC mount doesn't have the notches to fit a square laser module, you can easily adapt the design to be shaped as a motor cylinder.

Warning: this design deports the ChipSHOUTER away with the help of a SMA cable. Please test first if such deport is ok for you or not. Cables might vary. With my cable I didn't notice any loss or any difference in the effects of the pulses against tested chips.

Why such setup and why the spring mount? To avoid costly hardware destruction in case of mistake (e.g. moving too far towards the target).

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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