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Center Finder

3D model description

A clever to tool to mark the center of a wooden sheet or beam. Just place the two legs around your piece you like too have marked in the center and mark a point or draw a line with a pen using one of the holes in the middle. THis tool is inspired from a a one time tool from woodpeckers, unfortunately not available any more, so I made one by myself using a 3D Printer.

3D printing settings

I started to develop this with metal inserts for M3 screws to make it more sturdy and precise. Also the bar in the middle is made out of a strip of aluminium. At the end I tried to made one solely using the 3D printer and some standard hardware. The wholes will fit directly 2 M3x6 and 4 Mx20 counter sunk screws, the chamfers are already fitting the screw heads perfectly and the bottom holes are 2.6mm to screw the hardware directly into it, no threading needed. I had some warping printing them with 80% infill and 4 outer layers, but due to the fact that the bottom does not have to be perfectly flat, I had not problems at all.

  • 3D model format: STL





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