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Case for Drok DKP6012 Buck Step-Down (60V 12A)

3D model description

This is a super well-fitting case for the Drok DKP6012, an awesome multi-purpose high efficiency power regular I use for everything step-down.

(This is the amazon link, not affiliate or anything)

This thing can take 10-75V in and output 0-60V from 0-12A. That's 720W max. I use one to power my motorcycle via battery when my charging system dies, I use the serial UART protocol to make my own step-down MPPT, I use it to charge drone batteries from my high voltage ewheel.


  • Case Front: The main cover case that you're looking for.
  • Cover: this covers the control buttons so they can't be easily pressed. Nicely slips on and holds in place via an intentionally designed tab.. can be slipped off fully/partially for adjustment.


This is designed to be super easily 3d-printed, it's even flipped into position and everything. No supports, not even any overhangs.

Design Files

Designed in onshape, a solidworks clone in the web.
- Here's the public document. Anyone can fork and extend the design free of charge.
- here's the page to get a free account, they keep it hidden from their main site

  • 3D model format: STL





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