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Card Reader Housing for Hama 35 in 1 USB2.0

3D model description

An old USB 2.0 card reader was around for some time. If you usually use laptop PC, no problem but when it comes to desktop PCs, it is always pain in the neck to find out a suitable cable -if it is not dangling out-, attach it to PC, find a place on the desk etc etc. You may have your PC has already an installed card readers on itself but finding that tiny slots suitable for your card type under desk where mostly PCs are located is a bit hassle. It is best to keep it near your desktop, where it is easy to see its slots, readily attached to PC and on all the time while PC is running. I can not think of a place better than just under the desk surface, near your hands and eyes. Therefore I have designed this "thing" to place the card reader under my desk. The reader snaps in housing with a click and stays there. When you attach it to its place, housing squeezes further the reader and keep it in its place firmly. If you have the same kind of Hama card reader and mostly don't know where to put it, then, this THING is for you..
Best wishes...

3D printing settings


AnyCubic i3 Mega


Doesn't Matter







Hama card reader has very tiny protrudes (4 ea.) underneath. It is better to file them out to make the bottom flat. Otherwise, it may not fit into housing designed. See the second image above.
Moreover, I arranged the part as sitting on its bottom in slicer program as seen in the 3rd image. Therefore I used support with the following settings;
Support Infill Percentage = 8 %
Dense Support Layer = 1,
Dense Infill Percentage = 50%

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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