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BMG to CR10-S support

3D model description

Because I didn't find anything that suited me, I've designed a support for my BMG.
Uses the original screws that come with the BMG and additionally plus 4xM3 and nuts, to hold to the printer.

Edited: 22-07-2019
Add 4 gcode files to load and unload PLA filament preventing wear on the fingertips

To work, in Marlin (1.1.8) must be changed
the parameter (EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH) on the tab (Configuration.h)
on line (427) where it is: #define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH 200
in this setup (bowden with 420mm +/-) to: #define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH 600
where 600 = 600mm

Para funcionar, no Marlin (1.1.8) tem de ser alterado
o parametro (EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH) no separador (Configuration.h)
na linha (427) onde está: #define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH 200
neste setup (bowden com 420mm +/-) para: #define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH 600
onde 600 = 600mm

Hope you enjoy ;)

  • 3D model format: GCODE and STL





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