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BCN3D+ direct drive extruder

3D model description

I was sick of the original extrude which was chewing the filament.

I'm using a 7mm diameter filament pulley (aka MK8 filament pulley). With it, my firmware extruder's feedrate is set at 138 steps/mm (driver setup is 16 microstepping).

Extra parts needed:

7mm diameter filament pulley
1x 624ZZ bearing
1x M4x8mm flat head screw
2x M4 nut
I also migrated to 1.75mm filament ( the 3mm one was breaking alone overnight, and also harder to feed )

See it working here:

If you are a curious maker / "tinker" / hacker, have a look at my blog:

  • 3D model format: STL



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