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BBQ Truss w/ 45 degree

3D model description

Connectors for building BBQ skewer structures. Will probably develop these over the summer to explore the strengths of widely used truss systems. Great for bridge building projects without glue (like watching grass grow).

This design differs from the previous in that the holes do not go all the way through EXCEPT for the center (vertical).

Adjust the tolerance variable to slightly vary the hole sizes. There are still some steps to go to maximize how many fit on the build platform. I'll update after deciding on the ideal sizes.

I print these without rafts since the rafts were sticking to the platform. The easiest way to get these off is to preheat slightly (about 75 C) and pop them off with a spatula or to use an allen wrench in one of the holes to pop it off.

The hardest part is the accurate cutting of the BBQ skewers (we use dykes).

The STL (x28) here take 6 h 20 min to print on a flashforge creator pro.

UPDATE 5/16: Removed the Cenlarged STL. Found a value in between that works well (works out to 3.4mm). The 9x6 STL uses the latest dimensions and makes the most of the build platform (thanks mathgrrl).

  • 3D model format: STL





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