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Battery case 18650 with room for charger and step-up converter

3D model description

A battery case for 18650 Lipos with room for a perfboard 80x20 mm (e.g. to house both a charge circuit and a step-up converter). Cutout for a 12x19 mm switch to separate the (+) output of the charger/protector from the input of the step-up converter.

Parts used:
- Perfboard 80x20 mm
- USB LiPo Charger/Protector TP 4056 (board version with integrated output overload/undervoltage cutoff)
- Step-Up Converter MT 3608.
- On/Off switch snap-in for cutout 19x12 mm, 250V / 3A, height beneath front panel 19mm.

- both boards soldered with 0,7 wire as stand-off onto the perfboard.
- use the battery terminals of the TP4056 board as contact points
- use some loops of uncoated copper wire around the plastic springs for the battery terminals.
- use isolated wire to connect the loops to the battery terminals of the TP4056
- connect ground/minus directly between TP4056 output pad and MT3608 input pad
- connect plus through the on-off switch. Can be made with 6.35 mm crimp connectors if you cut off the crimp part and solder the wires along the cut line.

  • 3D model format: STL



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