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AVR USB Programmer STK500v2 by Petka

3D model description

This thing is case for AvrUsb500v2 -- an open source Atmel AVR Programmer, stk500 V2 compatible, with USB interface (
But not only case files attached - included full set of documentation to create such AVR programmer.

3D printing settings

Why this AVR programmer attached if there are other AVR Programmers here ( Well, main feature of this programmer is that is it fast. Much faster then USBasp or AVR910 for example (don't know about all others). Next is because this thing contain full documentation that allows to crate it, not just case (circuit, pcb layouts and case will fit each other just fine). It do not require any 3-rd party AVR programmer to program itslef (will be nice for beginners who don't have any AVR programmer). And it is also very cheap and contains only widely used components.

  1. Read original documentation from archive "Original documentation from STK500v2 device" first (if you want to know more details about device, it's abilities, assembling and configuration before starting to build it). If you feel yourself advanced in electronics, you can go directly to step 2.
  2. Use PCB layout "stk-500v2-my (A4) v4" from archive "PCB". Probably you'll need file "PCB Layouts\stk-500v2-my (A4) v4 (Mirror).pdf". There also included others PCB layouts, but case was done for v4. Also you can adjust PCB at any moment, as sources in Spring Layout format also included.
  3. Assemble electronics according to PCB layout and schemations on image schematics.gif (or from original documentation).
  4. Use FT232 driver from "FT232 Drivers (CDM 2.04.06).zip" archive (or download from web any recent version). All windows versions supported uncluding Windows 7/XP.
  5. Connect device to USB port and install original firmware from archive "Original Firmware with Sources (WinAVR).zip" depending on crystal oscillator that you used. If you used 7.3728 MHz oscillator, you can install firmware from archive "Firmware ATmega8 7372800". For any otehr values you can compile your own from sources (sources are for WinAVR IDE). USe program PonyProg to install firmware (you can read more in original documentation how to do this). Other option is to install firmware using 3-rd party AVR programmer (landing zones to connect AVR programmer wires present on PCB).
  6. Print plastic case using details from archive "3D printed case STK500v2 by" (top and bottom parts). Use bolts 3x16 to connect parts together.

Programmer works fine and was tested already by many people (and me also). You can use it directly with AVR Studio, CodeVision AVR or AVRDude.

Thanks to Guido Socher ( for nice open hardware programmer. Thanks to someone with nick "Petka" for nice improved PCB layouts. Remember to print my plastic case for this programmer. And good luck to all who read till this line! :)

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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