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Anker USB HUB - 4x LED - Twist In 2020 Adapter - Ender, CR-10

3D model description

This is a simple way to light up your print area that cost under 20 bucks that is non-permanent, has modular light output, and can be reused for other things when needed.

Print 2 of these adapters and twist into the top bar of your printer. Clip in the Anker (or simular) 4x USB HUB with your choice of 1 to 4 USB LEDs depending on how much light you need.

I used a USB extension cable from the hub right into my Raspberry Pi but you can use a buck/step-down converter and hardwire this right from your power supply.



Extension: or

Enjoy and post your makes!

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Update 3: I have now gone down to 2 LEDs. They are just too bright at night for my camera! Two seems to be the right number.

Update 2: I have had these LEDs (3x) on for a week straight and they are warm to the touch but nothing that will be an issue.

Update 1: I had to go down to 3 LEDs because it was too bright for my camera at night. 2 or 3 LEDs seems to be the perfect amount. Added photos.

  • 3D model format: STL



Just having fun with my Ender 3 and sharing my ideas along the way.

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