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Anet A6 J-Hotend mod

3D model description

I wanted to mount a chines J-hotend to a A6 Anet printer, but for that i had to make a new X wagen.
The dimentions for the cooling fins/parts are: diameter 22,25mm X 26mm.

The Original bearing, fan, extruder and end-switch can be reused. I made this for ABS printing, so there is no place for a cooling fan for PLA users... sorry

i printed this in PET-G. In the STL file 1 is a Cylinder on the place where the hotend wil come to sit. You can break this cylinder out after the print is ready, this cylinder is for support while printing.

3D printing settings

Overview and Background

A6 Hotend Xwagen Extruder Mod
I wanted to mount a better hotend for ABS printing on a cheap Anet printer and be able to cool it good.

Lesson Plan and Activity

Anet A6 hotend mod
upgrade the Anet A6 to a J-Hotend (chinese model) :-)

  • 3D model format: STL



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