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Adjustable 2020 USB LED Mount - Ender, CR-10

3D model description

Here is an extremely inexpensive, adjustable, snap-on, and non permanent way to light up the work space on your Ender, CR-10, or any other printer with a 2020 extrusion.

LEDs: or
USB Extension: or
Build your own as I did with a spare USB cable as seen in the photos below.

You can plug this directly into your Raspberry Pi or use a Buck/Step-Down Converter directly from the bottom of your power supply. You can even print a neat little snap-on case I made found here:

I recommend printing 2x Balls, 4x Nuts, 4x Spacers, 1x Snap On Mount, 1x Main Pivot, and 1x USB LED Mount for a good shine right onto the bed surface. You will need a M3x20mm screw for the pivot between the mount and the led holder.

Once you have these printed, you can just snap the USB LED right into the mount.

If you are interested in my camera mount that uses a simular system as this light, head over here:

Check out the photos (above) of the light output in the dark!

Enjoy and post your makes!

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Update: Added "Main Pivot v2.stl" to strengthen the mount

  • 3D model format: STL



Just having fun with my Ender 3 and sharing my ideas along the way.

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