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40x20 fan mount and ducts with wire management

3D model description

Designed a fan mount/adaptor to use a 40x20 fan to replace the standard 50x15. Fan is smaller and quieter. Some 50mm fans are also too powerful and can result in lowering the hotend/nozzle temps and make the temps fluctuate more as well as work the heater unnecessarily.
Mount is design to fit in place of the 50mm fan with a clamp up top and spacer on the bottom bolts to fit without mods to the actual printer structure.
(note, this is for a 26mm length heat break tube on an MK8 style hotend, )

Ducts snap onto mount
upper clamp holds top of fan in place
spacer allows for stock bolt to be used
the whole unit is lightly adjustable to fit in place.
Ducts are postioned to cover just the tip of the nozzle with out blocking it like "ring " ducts do to ease hotend maintenance.

Should work on most i3 style printers with the 50mm fan mounted on the front. the ducts snap on so they can be reconfigured to your personal printer if needed.

  • 3D model format: STL





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