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3-Sided Saddle Square - marking wood

3D model description

I got the idea from the Woodsmith site via Pinterest:
All kudos to the original creator!

I didn't have any spare wood scraps, so decided to quickly model in Sketchup and print over the weekend. Turned out really well the first print!

I added some guides on the slider part to ensure it stayed true and should last fairly well. The perimeters were increased to 3 and the grid infill % was increased to 20% to keep the parts square and sturdy - printed with a 0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height, 5x top and bottom solid layers.

Using an 8mm drill bit to open the holes slightly, the bolt fits perfectly. The nut will need to be heated slightly and pushed into the nut slot on the one side of the slider piece. Don't over heat it otherwise it will melt the plastic part! I used a small butane torch and found that the easiest way of heating and inserting the nut was to put it on the threaded end of the 100mm bolt with 5mm or so of the bolt protruding, heat for 20 seconds, then push into the plastic part carefully, ensuring it sat at the correct angle for the threads.

Remove the bolt, slide the spring onto the bolt and push it through the larger part - slid in the slider piece and slowly thread the bolt into the nut - stop when the end of the bolt is flush with the nut outer rim.
You could also use a nyloc nut, but I felt this wasn't really necessary for this purpose.

Turned out really well and works a treat.

- The printed parts (1 of each) - printed in the orientation of the STL
- M8 100mm bolt (1) - any type would do, I chose the dome bolt as it looked better IMO. I may try and source a 115mm or 120mm M8 bolt to increase the extending width that can be used.
- M8 standard nut or M8 nyloc nut - only use the nyloc if you use a hex or hex capped bolt, otherwise you'll battle to thread the bolt by hand without marking the bolt head...
- Spring (1) that has an inner diameter of 9/10mm - or a suitable spring for the bolt you are using. I used one from an electric fence parts kit.

That's it - enjoy!

PS - the SKP file is included if you want to adjust the holes, size, etc ;)

PPS - I included a short video file on how it works - never done it before so will try and get a better video if anyone needs it. Otherwise look here at the original wood version:

  • 3D model format: STL





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