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120mm Fan housing/Base for HEPA Air Filter Scrubber Tower

3D model description

I loved the Design concept Duanelndeed created in the HEPA Air Filter Scrubber Tower, however after building it and setting it up, I was not satisfied with the amount of airflow it generated. and the output tube structure was in the way of my printer ( a TAZ 5 ) which itself takes up most of the front to back space in my enclosure.

My solution was to create a new base and duct-work housing for a 120mm chassis fan. with the intent to blow the scrubbed air out the side of my enclosure.

I created the base in Sketchup, then imported into blender and merged it with the top half of one of the Charcoal bins from Duandindeed's build ( so the remaining tower can simply screw on to the top.

  • 3D model format: STL





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