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3D model description

In the game Talisman the object is to be the first play to reach the Crown of Command. Standing in the way of that objective, however, is the Valley of Fire. The only way through is to posses one of these fabled relics, a Talisman.

-=Design=- This was one of the first things I designed in Blender, using the art from the revised 4th edition. I hole has been cut through the object at the top to allow you to string a cord through to turn this into a wearable necklace.

-=Finishing=- I printed my copy in ABS and then used hot acetone to smooth the print. I then primed the pin black and painted it gold with acrylic paint. I used a thick wash of brown paint to fill in the recesses, and lightly dry brushed another layer of gold paint over the top. I then ran a leather cord through the hole at the top.

3D printing settings

Print in any material. No supports are required. Use roughly 20% fill for a sturdy finished product.

  • 3D model format: STL



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