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Ring-3 I-beam

Download free STL Ring-3 I-beam, MathorethanDownload free STL Ring-3 I-beam, Mathorethan

3D model description

This is a model of a ring I am proposing for a jewelry class we must have a minimum of 3 solders. I thought the bent I-beam from a building would lend itself well to the jewelry world, an interesting narrative of things that are relatively unseen but contain some complex physics. I-beams could never bend this way of course so I thought that would be interesting.

This is the one! I will be making it from sterling and copper. My professor enjoyed the narrative I am suggesting and the blend of materials and the way I am using them. He went on to say that the devil is in the details. Solder and polishing are my primary concerns so I may adjust the sizing accordingly. I will be finished with photos buy July 11 so check back then!

3D printing settings

Scale it then print it off!
It will need support.
Want to make it out of metal? Use the source file to get he measurements you will need, cut the four pieces then solder and polish. It is a lot of work for a novice like me but the seasoned pro...?

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