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Dual-strusion Micro Gear Heart

3D model description

CrazyJaw did a great job with his keychain sized heart gears. But if anyone is considering building more than one, it could take a while to print. So, I applied JoeyC's dual-strusion script ( - which itself is a derivative of thorstadg's work) to print two of each file object(s) at once.

To allow this to work, I had to re-organize the objects a little.
- The large plate is the busiest and had to do some interesting arrangements due to the size of the parts.
- I doubled up the number of pins so that when dual-struded a complete set is made. Further changes should probably do a full set with one extruder so that dual-struding produces two sets to match the two hearts that are produced.
- the center.stl file is the original file untouched.
- the small plate just moves the parts into a vertical line

BTW - this was specifically done for a Replicator. The nozzle separation on other printers may require further tweaking.

3D printing settings

Slice normally.
Apply the DualExtrude file to the generated gcode files. (I named my output files with an '_dual.gcode' to help tell the difference)
Run the new GCode through your normal routine. (for me it was open in RepG, and export to .s3g.)

  • 3D file format: STL





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