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Zip Ties for 3D-Printing! - 2 min print!

3D model description

I really needed to clean up the rats-nest of wires that was behind my desk, I had no Zip Ties at home, so i attempted to 3D-Print some that i found on the internet, but i didn't find those to work that well, so i designed these!
-Turns out that simply designing a tool for the job, doesn't do the job, behind my pc its still a rats-nest....

It takes only 2 minutes to print a single Zip Tie!

Please see the video on how to use these:

I recommend to use PLA for the "locking" mechanism, and TPU for the "wire". (all PLA will also work).

Need something a bit more flexible? Check out the Elastic Tie! :

I would like to enter this design in the #XYZCHALLENGE , since one of my new years resolution was to clean up a lot of the cable mess that is in my apartment, and keep it that way. (especially behind my PC)

Feel free to leave any questions or comments!

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  • 3D model format: STL



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