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Windmobile - Print & Fold

3D model description

So, here's an idea that doesn't work all that well. Not much spin. In any case, maybe worth something to someone.

Print flat and then gently fold at the cuts into a curved, wind-catching shape. Hang outside on a thread and trance out, dude.

- Print with 0.2mm layers, since the fold cuts leave 0.4mm behind.
- Fold into the fold cuts, not away from them (or you'll break off pieces)
- Spins better with a weight tied to the bottom hole.
- Probably would look best with either reflective or translucent plastic, but I'm fresh out of those.
- Ideally, should be hung with a fishing swivel so the suspension string doesn't get all wound up.
- I strongly recommend you print the small test version to make sure your printer is all dialed in and the folds work for you, prior to making a large version.

I've included the OpenSCAD file for those who want to adjust the number of rings, size of rings, polygon type, etc.

  • 3D model format: STL





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