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Download free 3D printer designs TwistedFlutes8, BirkDownload free 3D printer designs TwistedFlutes8, Birk

3D model description

Like my other TwistedFlutes parts this one is made from a Loft surface defined by 10 vertically stacked curves. Because the outside surface is so complex the part's STL file is almost 96 MB in size. Fortunately compressing this into a ZIP file reduces the size by more than half.

Because this part is fairly tall and has a small diameter base I added a 4 mm wide brim to help keep it firmly attached to the print bed. I used 2 colors because I had some short reels of filament and just wanted to use them up. It printed in 19 1/2 hours using a print speed of 80 mm/sec and a layer height of 0.200 mm.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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