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Toothpaste extractor

3D model description

Mechanical device for extracting toothpaste.

I wanted to create some mechanism with a rachet wheel,and based on a previous toothpaste extractor (think flat thing with slot for toothpaste for winding up the tube) i decided it need some counter rotational mechanism, and what better than the tried and tested ratchet.

3D printing settings

Appart from the printet parts, you will need a 3x87mm axle, and a 3x67mm axle. Also a couple of M3x20 bolts (could be M3x25) and accompaying shims and nuts.

The parts are printet in red PLa on an ultimaker using netfabb.

Ive used standard quailty setting in netfabb for all the parts except for the one ratchet wheel which have been printet using ultra quality. Makes quite a difference, but im sure one can see it on the pictures. The infill spacing is 1.5mm.

Th esprings can be adjusted for various stiffness, by altering the infill spacing.

Printed parts:
1x10-18-10005 frame
2x10-18-10008 springs
2x10-18-10004 ratchet wheel

put the long axle through the frame and through the center hole of a ratchet wheel, then put the short axle in the other hole in the ratchet, mount the other ratchet wheel on the two axles, making sure the teeth show the same way, then push the lon axle into the other side of the frame.

Mount the springs by drilling holes through the frame and the springs, make sure to mount the them on the right side, like on the pictures, else the ratchet wont work.

Have fun :)

  • 3D model format: STL





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One comment

I did not see 10-18-10008 springs stl in the zip file. Is this something I have to get separately?