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Tight-Fitting Lids on Containers

3D model description


My objectives were two fold with this design. To learn about __*Print In Place__ & to design a box with a LID that wouldn’t continually fall off my desk, the lid coming off, scattering the contents to the four winds(well the four settings on my air-conditioner anyway). So, I’ve designed a box, with a TIGHT-FITTING lid, so tight, that a mere woman such as I had to design a SECOND lid with a ring pull. The other task was accomplished by having tiny supports under the two dividers, which allows those dividers to come free, to only have one divider, or none, as the contents demand*

This is my third 'Thing', & also my third 'Fusion 360' design.

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Parts List:

  1. 3D printed “Finished Base FINAL”
  2. 3D printed “Finished Intermediate Base FINAL”
  3. 3D printed “Top NO Ring Pull FINAL” OR “Top Ring-Pull FINAL” depending on your strength!

You can print all bases, & lids, but I’ve also included an intermediate container that will link TO a base, allowing you to group like contents in a vertical stack. I’ve included a contents list holder, so you know what’s inside, or if you’re enjoying your 3D Printer WAY too much, you can print out contents labels as I’ve done!

  • 3D model format: STL





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